One of my Girls

So let’s take a few minutes it talk about Jenny Vorderman and YOU. First. let’s talk about you. You amaze me with the belief that you have in those that you have not met, touched nor been close to.  The words “thank you” is certainly not enough. It is more of a mutual love,. A mutual respect that I feel for those of you you spent your time in helping Jenny win this contest. Maybe I sound a little too emotional about it, but when you see your friends’  eyes light up in a heartbeat just because of something it just makes your heart smile. My heart smile.


I met Jenny a long time ago when she still had braces and a full belly with a cute boy named Jackson inside. There’s a standing joke in my family. We say “if you want to make money you gotta spend money, call Steve Vorderman.”.  I guess if you look at where I was when I called him and where we are today, you know it really does work

I met Jenny through Steve. I was looking for help and I’m not sure what she was doing. But I do know I left her outside on my steps waiting to meet and talk about a job that I had forgotten about. Or that’s what she says. I remember it as she blew me off.  We’ll settle this anther day. LOL

Flash forward to 4-5 years ago, I was going to start learning to use my camera & I wanted to go to workshop. I needed a partner in crime. So  I called Jenny for second time.  She eagerly and a bit nervously jumped in the car with me  a week long stay in a home filled with wildlife photographer a few hours away.  The kind that where the vest has 200 pockets to hold every lens, film, knife, or whatever else they stuff in those pockets. But that weekend was filled was so much fun, so much sharing of each other’s life, and a lot of good stories.

A month later we travel to St Louis to go to another workshop. That is when we met Michelle Huesgen  and Jamie Davis. And I knew that these girls would be my friends for long time to come.
When I planned to  head to Kenya I knew Jenny would be one of the people to join me. She brings the simple, huge smile and welcoming heart to the group.  She’s wide eyed and genuinely interested in others.  While she holds tight to things close to her…..she always has an extra laugh to share.

Long story short, it’s amazing what women can do when they ban together to support one another. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for believing in my friends. I am blessed to have Jenny and you all in my life.

Congrats Jenny on winning a trip to Haiti with the famed Kenneth Cole.

Nicole Helsom

I was lucky enough to meet Jenni at a fundraiser to raise money to buy bicycles for the children in Africa. I felt an instant connection with her and we have been friends ever since. She would drop everything to help a friend in need and braved a rainstorm to photograph my family before my husband’s surgery to remove his brain tumor. She can warm a room with her smile and has so much LOVE to share. I am blessed to have met Jenni and look forward to many more conversations poolside or at the zoo watching Gabby and Miles “flirt”. I am so thankful for the support the Matilda Jane community has shown for her. Her love for the children in Africa and Matilda Jane’s community outreach is one of the things that drives me to buy and support this wonderful company. I hope to someday have the chance to do mission work and make my own trip to Africa, but for now I have to live vicariously through Jenni’s stories told through her amazing and emotional photography. I’m glad I was able to help even in a small way to allow her to reach high and let the world see how big her heart it. Go make a difference Jenni!


I officially met her in the Fort at conference but she had me at hello in Amsterdam taking selfies in the wee hours of the morning with random sleeping people. Jenni is the kind of woman you meet and within 15 minutes you feel like you’ve known a lifetime. She radiates joy and you can tell she feels at home with her camera which automatically makes everyone feels comfortable. How she captures a person’s soul through that camera is beyond me but she does and I’m glad I am getting to see the world through her eyes now. Kenya changed me, not just the people that we went there to meet and love but the people that I went there with. Some of them I already knew and loved, but the ones I didn’t know that I now also love fiercely. Jenni is one of them and I always be thankful for that. I can’t wait to watch her journey in Haiti…she totally deserves it!


I love to see Jenni’s heart through her lens. She has captured amazing things, and I am able to learn so much about the place I love to see. It was a true pleasure watching the numbers climb. A well deserved win!

Thank you for taking me along on this journey with you. It has changed my world forever and I am grateful everyday for it. My heart is so full and after reading Nicole, Brea, and Brenen’s comments it might just burst. So humbled and so grateful!

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