Always on My Mind..

I constantly have Kenya on my mind.

I constantly think of Kitale; that town that I fell for just a year ago.

I think about all those little faces that belong to the children that hold such large pieces of my heart.

I think of the stories I’ve heard and the people who have lived them.

I think of two of the most loving, humble and giving people I know. I think of Richard and Hellen.

I think about the new house and then the other two most loving, humble and giving people I know. I think of my friends, David and Denise.

I think about the Mighty Acorn Foundation.

I think about what it means to me; what it means to be just a small part of it.

I think about how I don’t deserve Kenya and all the love that I have received from the people who call it home.

I don’t deserve to be the one to wake up and spend my days by those children’s sides.

I don’t deserve to get to see the hope, safety and love that YOU guys have provided to them.

But I do.

And I will forever be thanking  you. Thanking the sponsors that have changed the lives of children they have yet to meet.

To those who have decided to stand beside us and stand up against the injustice that plagues this world.

I thank you everyday for being the change in these children’s lives.

For showing them that there is still hope, love and safety in this world for them.

That there are people out there that will do without so they can live in that place of hope, safety and love.

That chasing their dreams isn’t just meant for their imagination.

That someday they can catch up with their dreams and make them a reality.

And I have YOU to thank for all of that.

I have you to thank for making MY dreams come true.





Mama Hope

Just … WOW! I feel like you drew a picture of your heart …

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