Life is amazing. My life is amazing. Would I even have had the vision to dream this amazingness up when I was young. No. This type of amazing cannot be put into words let alone a vision. It just is. It is the kind of amazing that one must feel.
When you have a room filled with 12 of the girls that have stood by the sweat, the blood, and the tears…the triumphs and disasters…the laugh and seldom outrage (yes, I do have a temper though it is rarely seen)…the girls that you know have lifted you up to become the person you never envisioned yourself on becoming…when you put them all in a room there is not a single word that needs to be said.

The heart, soul and eyes say it all. It is a love. A sisterhood. A family that I am truly blessed to have.

I often ask myself who would I be had I not stumbled upon these amazing girls. Where would I be. I am pretty sure I would be nothing…nothing close to who I am today.

I think about it. I think about the company we built. The company that changed lives and moved mountains. The foundation that they believed in. The foundation that empowers, restores and fulfills the lives of so many. The Face of Beauty Campaign that they jumped in to be part of. Chelsa’s birthday, even without her, they still celebrate FOR her. These are the girls that let me soar but keep my feet on the ground.


xoxo – Denise

And cuz this quote reminds me so much of this past weekend, how about the everyday we throw a few into the 12 Days of Christmas?


“she believed she could so she did” <—— that's YOU!!

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