Be the Change You Want to See.

Like I said, the three of us (Jenni, DW & I)  were going to be doing more interviews and photo taking to add more kids to the MA website. We didn’t waste any time and jumped back into the interviewing our second day into this trip. Since we didn’t have as much time in Kitale together as we had planned we knew we didn’t have any spare time to waste.

Interviews are such a bitter sweet thing, for me at least. It’s the first time meeting someone you know your heart is about to break for. It’s hearing their story that confirms why you love Kenya as much as you do. It’s falling for yet another beautiful smile and tender soul that needs all the love it can get.

 Interviews are hard. They are hard to listen to and even harder when you know you have at least a couple dozen more to get through each day. It’s hard listening to each story and finding they are so similar but it’s a different child sitting before you. A child. Children aren’t meant to be living these lives. They aren’t meant to grow up at such a young age. They are just childrenChildren.

MA Boys

I often think about the life I have been given. The opportunities that have been presented to me, already at the young age of 22. The life experiences I have had. The struggles and challenges I have faced. The struggles and challenges I have overcome. But none of them surmount to anything close to what these children have. I have never wondered when the next meal would come. Worried if I would find a safe place to lay my head at night. If I would be beaten or abused when my guardian came home. I have never had to worry that my mother or father may not come home at night. I have never had to wonder if I would be in school the following year, never had to worry if there would be the money to go to school. I have never had to work a field to make money to send myself to school.

And until this past year, I was oblivious to such a world. A world where children are born and raised like adults. Forced to grow up too fast. Born into a corrupt world surrounded in poverty.

Sometimes I let this get my down. Let it weigh on my heart. Let it affect me more than it has to. And how could I not? Well, it doesn’t always have to be like this. There is a way WE can make a change. A way for us to stand up and say NO to the corruption. Say NO for the children who can’t. Say no for the children we have just met and for the ones we have yet to meet. And that’s exactly what I am going to do. Exactly what the Mighty Acorn Foundation is doing. It’s what you can do too.

Ever heard that saying, “Be the change you want to see“. Well, why not? Why not be that change?

You can be the change in a child’s life. The change they need more than anything. The change that will set them free from the worry and fear. Let them be just the children they are meant to be.


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