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So the Story Goes Something Like This….

You know the saying one day you will look back on this and laugh? As I am about to type this I am laughing to myself over what my last two days have been like. So this week has been extra wet… and when I say wet I mean huge storms of rain that will last […]

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life so far….

So I have officially moved in! My aunt left me on the 5th and I have stayed a couple of nights in my room. I’m starting to feel like it is my own space but it’s still not quite there. One thing I totally spaced out on bringing was photos of my family and friends… […]

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Hello from Kitale

This is going to be a long one so bare with me guys… My first trip to Kitale was a magical one….thats the best way I can describe it…magical, both in a honorific and heart warming way. Horrific because I experienced true poverty and starvation for the first time in my life and heart warming […]

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