It happens to all of us. Sometimes you want a new hair cut, sometimes you want to try mustard instead of ketchup (not sure WHY someone would do this), and sometimes you want a change of scenery.  And sometimes, change just happens and you don’t even know it. It’s like your heart already jumps ship and it takes your brain a little bit to catch up.


For months now, my brain and my heart have been battling. Battling what? I wasn’t sure. Not until Denise asked me to help her with the Smart Girls, Brilliant Woman Luncheon for the Boys and Girls Club (BLOG HERE). What an honor, right? For the both of us, really! I hadn’t worked with Denise on anything since June and I jumped at the chance to collaborate with her again.

A Wonderful Mess from jami davis on Vimeo.

So we talked. And laughed. And I was filled with inspiration and excitement. I felt like we were changing the world, even if only in our own backyard. I wanted to show the young ladies at that luncheon how Denise changed my life. And she wanted to show them how a young gal like me, changed hers. All we are is normal. We are awkward. We are loud. But we are generous and kind. And we work hard. And deep down, we are confident. Not something that we feel all the time, but being ourselves is the most true form of confidence there is I think. That’s what we wanted to show those girls. I have to say, as much as I hope we changed their lives that day, the whole experience changed mine. Changed my heart.

kids and sam

And now I’m here. After an incredible 6 and a half years at Matilda Jane Clothing,  I’ve joined the Mighty Acorn Foundation to help change the world in a much different way. There’s so much I’ve missed this past year, but I think the thing I’ve missed the most is sharing myself with the world; reaching out and listening, meeting new friends and really throwing myself into projects and feeling the amazing results of a hard days work. It turns out, these are the things that make my heart tick. Who woulda thunk it? The girl who wanted to design since she could pick out her own clothes wants something MORE.


So get used to hearing from me. I’ll be working side by side with Katie from Changing the Face of Beauty to help spread awareness for her wonderful campaign! I’m so grateful to be apart of something so meaningful—showcasing children of all abilities in advertising is such an important cause and needs to be shouted from the rooftops! Ha, good thing I’m loud 🙂  So far Katie has gotten over 30 different companies to sign up for our #15in2015 campaign. These companies promise to have models of all abilities in their photoshoots this year. How INSANELY cool is that?


Alright, before I spill too many beans I’ll leave you with one more… Just know we are preparing something AWESOME for CTFOB (Changing the Face of Beauty) this summer. And if you’re lucky, we may just show up in your hometown. That’s all I’m saying!! Until next time at least…




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