Connecting Across Continents

The Mighty Acorn Foundation provides children with the necessities to survive and the tools to thrive; restoring hearts, igniting dreams and empowering their future. That all begins with the loving families that choose to support our kids. That all begins with you.

When we sat together and talked about our goals for the summer, we were both in agreement that we wanted to bring sponsors and their Kenyan children closer than ever. We wanted to bring Kenya to America and America to Kenya! Our mission statement says it perfectly, “By connecting hearts around the world.” In other words, connections are huge to us at MAF. We can’t stress enough how vital these relationships are to making these kids feel that they are more important than their past. It means the world to them to know that they have a family who loves them. You all are so important to these children and they appreciate you so much! When brainstorming how to exactly go about creating and fostering these vital connections, we instantly thought about incorporating video chats. Every Saturday and Sunday we have been connecting eight different families together through Skype and FaceTime. To see the smiles on everyones faces is such a joy to our hearts and seeing the impact it has made on our kids is huge!

Here are some of the amazing things both the kids and sponsors have had to say about video chatting with each other:

“My heart was bursting and tears of excitement rolled down my face! <3 Thank you Mighty Acorns for the wonderful opportunity to speak with my girl Maureen!! I am so proud of the woman she is becoming! We love you and pray for you!!” -Dawn (sponsor)

“It meant so much to me to speak to my mums! I love them so much and this made me so happy to be able to meet them!” -Maureen (child)

“No matter what else today brings, I started my day with a ray of sunshine all the way from Kenya! Thank you Mighty Acorns for making this happen. Love my sweet girl and am so proud of her.” – Shannah (sponsor)

“I have never met my sponsor before and to be able to talk to them made me as happy as a king! I will always think about today and I will continue to pray for my family in America. I love them so much!” – Jacqueline (child)

“This was so great! Thank you for doing this! We loved getting to talk to Jacqueline <3 she is such a sweetheart<3” -Melissa (sponsor)

“I got to see my mum and dad’s house and the ocean! It was so cool! I loved meeting them and talking to my American family. I love them so much and I am praying for them” -David (child)

We are so blessed to have witnessed these beautiful connections being made. The amount of sponsors that have reached out us to video chat with their kids is so heart warming and far greater than anything we could have imagined. We know the kids feel more connected with their families and are so happy to have been able to talk to all of you! The impact this has made on both sides of the world will forever be in the hearts of all that were involved.  This will definitely be something we will continue in the future!



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