Day One

aaaaaSitting here reading all these entries is like a flashback to when I had my old Typepad blog. I feel like I kinda have been sitting still as the world spun around me and I’m just re-awakening. If that makes any sense.

So the size 4 Flutter and Bag go to…

Brooke ‘Anderson’ Malko Having my entire family over to help decorate our tree and watch old home videos and feed them of course!

And the 5 prints go to ….I’m gonna throw in a gift card to get a frame for it at Micheal’s. I bought the one BELOW there, just off the shelf. Stunning.

Melissa Troedel I simply told the clerk checking me out to have a Great day. Instantly her face changed from bored to cheery. Sometimes it just takes a few simple words

Caroline Ruta Buying art supplies for a young lady for the angel tree at church

Mindy Heisner I already did, by waking my daughter with kisses and treating her like a baby, she loves it! She was beaming from ear to eat with her eyes closed acting like she was still sleeping.. Melts my heart!
Rebecca Todd Hendrickson Having my 4 year old donate her toys she doesn’t play with anymore to the Salvation Army

Heidi Anderson Adam I try to make eye contact with people and smile at them. It usually makes them smile back and I always feel really good when they do!

K, girls, just PM us at Might Acorns and we’ll get your goods out this week.
xoxo – Denise

And for flashback fun  just about 7 years ago my life was all about

December 11, 2007

I have spent the last 2 hours just googling for Xmas gifts and haven’t spent a dime. YIKES.   I have found lots of great shoes for the Beast.  Like he really needs shoes and like I have any money to spare on shoes.  My fabric bill is out of this world.  We won’t even talk about that.

So thanks to all for supporting the cause and helping me get rid of a ton of “end of the season stuff”. We still have a bit left and I have been getting quite a few emails, I’m trying to respond promptly but we are admist a workshop over haul. Yes, that little 5-600 sq feet workshop needs to fit 3 desk for next season plus inventory galore.  It’ll be a tight squeeze. We all love eachother SOO much that’ll it’ll be fine.  Though, I guess I should take showers more often!! Maybe  I will get some time for Xmas.


I just came across this pic, ( thank you Shannon) And OMG she looks just liek me when I was younger. It almost freaks me out.

Joe and I had a great trip to Omaha.  Our plane was delayed a couple* times on the way there.  As soon as we landed David called and said Pat was playing, and OMG we had to run so fast to get to the game buy the 2nd period.  SO fast that I bribed Joe with a camera.  It was a great game, as well as the game on Saturday. We left Sunday morning only to return home Monday afternoon after many more** delays!! The worst part was Joe loves to buy food for the hockey players and I was too tired to wait and give it to them.  So we had to bring it all home on the plane.  I looked like a complete idiot with  4 grocery bags of cereal,  macroni and cheese, and what not hauling threw the aiport.

Okay, back to googling. Sorry for the lack of communication lately.  You know, no excuse jsut the normal business. Hopefully, we can get the workshop in order. I need to post some pics without emberassing myself.  I’ll stage a few great desk shot and impress you all!!!

Just to share, here’s my old and latest addictions,, flora and henri, the curiousity shoppe and so on, and please if you have a little chick buy these. I love them and Gabe, well, he probably would not. Check out darly bird

“If it is both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.”

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Oh my goodness, I rarely win anything. Thank you! I will email you with my contact info.

Brooke Malko

OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot believe I won the bag and flutter! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness – not just now but all year around with this incredible foundation! Blessings to you!


Jamie Hicks

Muah! I have so missed a good ol’ Denise blog!!!!!!! I found e-mails the other day between us when I sent in pics of Aiden in MA. 🙂 Loves you!

Mama Hope

Congratulations, Winners!! How fun and special, right?
Love your amazingness, Denise!
7 short years ago … and now this!
Both times full of amazingness, but you live to give!
Add awesomeness to amazingness!!

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