Day Two

bbbI seriously wish that sun would start to shine.  I woke up and went back to bed 45 minutes later. Ya, that bad mood one just can’t shake found me. I’m blaming it on Mr Sunshine not showing his face for day. And days. I was laying there thinking…after all this success and great experiences I have been through and I really any more happy than I was 7 years ago.  That is a quick answer, NOPE.  I am still that same ‘ole girl from 7th grade. Always eager to please others, always throwing that fake smile around when I’m bumming on the inside and jsut making sure every one else is happy before I am happy. They do say “happiness is best kept when given away” and I will vouche for that. Obviously there are a lot of things in life that make me happy but seeing a smile on another’s face is truly at the top of my list.

With that said, below are the 3 winners of the bag. Just PM me at Mighty Acorn on FB with your address.

Stacy Glickman Larson A really awesome homemade dollhouse. I think it is the only thing my dad ever built!

Jennifer LaShomb I used o work for Caribou Coffee and we had a regular named Keith, we called him Twitch because he was twitchy and always ordered 6 shots of straight espresso. I was always on bar and I liked the regulars and I liked Keith so I’d always throw an extra set his way. So when the time came to go back to college for the year – I let the regulars know. Keith inquired on what I was studying. I was in the graphic arts program. He asked if he could come see my work. Now, I was living at home and he was late twenties but it wasn’t creepy. He said “ask your Dad”. He came over on night and my Dad made him coffee and I showed him my book. I went back to school that Fall and when I came home from Christmas break my Dad was all dorked out. He basically drug me up the stairs the moment I walked in the door. I could hear Tori Amos playing loudly in my room. Up the stairs I went to find a brand nee computer. Keith had visited my Dad after I went back to school and said he was a programmer for Microsoft. He built me a computer with all of the programs on it (very very expensive ones at that) and my Dad paid for all of it. He got divorced shortly after and moved to Florida. I never heard from him again. Talk about changing the course of my career. I got a job with the largest ad agency at the time straight out of school.

and of course..cuz I love them too…

Emily Brockman Crail Fashion Plates!

I hope to someday do for someone else what he did for me.


Emily C

Denise! Thank you so much for your kindness, my Christmas season has been so warm and loving. This just adds to the joy and I am so appreciative :).

Emily C

Warm wishes for happiness to you and your family!

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