Down for the count

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As many of you know I recently battled a very serious sickness but also by the grace of God I was healed within a short four days….

…It started Friday after school, I had a few errands to run but I was feeling beyond exhausted for some reason. I had to be at the orphanage at three to meet up with a guy that was fixing my water heater, which had broken three days prior. (Just so you know cold showers in Kenya are NO fun) He showed up around the correct time fix my shower and was in and out of there in no time. Pastor Richard and Helen were there to oversee the work done and then they had to leave to take Pastor’s father (Babu) to the doctor.  At this point all I wanted to do was take a nap, I was beyond beyond tired. When everyone left I took a quick nap for a half hour and woke up feeling super dizzy, my head was fuzzy and hot, I felt like my stomach was going to reveal my lunch all over the floor.  I could barely stand up without needing the wall for support. I texted Melody and Jimmy to see if they were coming to the orphanage for time with the kids and if they did I needed them to come check on me in my room.  I won’t go into details about what the symptoms progressed to while waiting…you don’t want to know TRUST me… but it was something that was VERY serious and a major sign of typhoid. Melody and Jimmy showed up to my room and I worked my way to the door as slowly as possible using the walls to support me. I have never felt that weak in my life. I opened the door and  Melody’s words were “oh honey you look horrible!” (Not something you want to hear). She asked if I needed to go to the doctor and I said it wouldn’t hurt to go, so we got in the car with my suit case and back pack and left. Melody was insistent I didn’t stay at the orphanage by myself and that I could stay at their house until I was better.

On the way to the “clinic” the driver had to pull over, I lost my control of my stomach and leaned my entire body out of the car window to throw up. While doing this I had a ton of Kenyans staring at me saying “alcohol” and then some Swahili….I was too busy throwing up to care what they thought but it seriously bothered me that they thought I was drinking too much and got sick from that!!! Not that I was sick and going to the doctor but that I was drunk?? Really?

After I finished throwing up, getting most of it in my hair, we proceeded to the only clinic open after six. Jimmy said it was safe and clean but the results were usually wrong, but it was better than nothing. In Kenya no matter what is wrong with you they unusually diagnose it typhoid, malaria, or an infection, even if it’s just a cold or flu. This makes it very hard to really know what you have unless the meds they gave you don’t work then you have to go back to the doctor for more tests and more medication hoping this time it works. Anyway…we got to the clinic and Helen and Richards’s car was there! I was like Great, now they are going to see me here and call my aunt and David and I will have to go home…I was NOT happy.  I was trying to avoid running into Richard as best as possible. I checked in and waited to see the doctor. After the doctor called me into his office I told him all my symptoms except the most important one….I was so out of it I don’t even remember what I told him really. All know is he ordered a blood test for typhoid, malaria and an infection. The thing with typhoid is that it’s almost impossible to diagnoses without a stool sample but after doing my blood test I was diagnosed with all three….typhoid, malaria, and infection…I found this really silly because I have been on malaria meds sense in Kenya, I didn’t give a stool sample and the only way he knew I had all of these was because my white count was off the charts!

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By the time I got my results of course we ran into Richard and Babu, we all decided that the diagnosis was not accurate and I was to be taken to a high scale clinic tomorrow first thing for further testing. Richard said he would call my aunt to let her know what was wrong but I told him it would be best if she heard it from me. If I know anything about my aunt is that she is very receptive and if Richard called in my stead she would have thought it was much more serious than it was. later that night I gave her a call all in tears, mainly because I was so exhausted and tired of throwing up, but also I dint was to disappoint her and David by not being able to do my work…I know that sounds silly but that how I am. No matter how horrible I feel I still worry about what others want instead of me getting better. She assured me I wasn’t going home unless she thought it was necessary for my health and until we had concrete results we couldn’t do anything.

That next morning Jimmy, Melody and I drove to the nice clinic to get these tests done the right way. The doctor ordered a blood and stool test to be done. The blood was no problem! The stool on the other hand….sense I hadn’t been able to keep ANYTHING in my stomach over the past twenty four hours was NOT going to happen… so we had to settle for just the blood…he checked the results of my blood test from the other clinic and the one he took. The white count was a little higher meaning my body was fighting hard against whatever was in my system. But that still wasn’t enough to get a real diagnosis. So he gave me a little kit to take home to take care of this sample that he needed and gave me meds to allow me to eat without throwing up. This being Saturday I was a little concerned that I had to wait till Monday to do anything given the fact he gave me no sort of medication to help me get better.

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This didn’t sit well with Jimmy, Richard, Helen, or my aunt. It was decided Sunday afternoon that Monday I was to go to Eldoret to get detailed tests and finally some good treatment. However, Sunday afternoon I started to feel kind of normal. I ate something without the help of the medicine and kept it in my stomach and my head started to feel like the spinning was slowing down. I had a feeling God was really protecting me and I knew I was on the mend. I did NOT want to go on a two hour card ride to Eldoret. I tried my hardest to get out of it saying I was feeling much better but that didn’t matter to ANYONE I was going… it or not.

Monday morning came around and Melody and I got our stuff together and headed out the door with Richard and Helen. We laughed the whole way there and sang silly songs and talked about all sorts of stuff. I was feeling like my old self! FINALLY!! I knew that the doctor would tell me I was perfectly healthy and it would be silly to go see him but better be safe than sorry. We made the trip as fun as possible though…Melody and Helen were my emotional and physical support as I got poked with more needles and as they took more blood. Melody also was my photographer…she made sure to capture this lovely experience all too perfectly. They tested me for everything known to man. And after getting the results the doctor said you are HEALTHY! He was kind enough to give me a proscription for meds just in case whatever I had came back again. He gave me the permission to leave with a clean bill of health which meant we could shop!!!

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I called my aunt, my mom, and texted David everyone was so relived! No one more than me I am sure. My aunt yelled at me to rest and I said I would rest as soon as I got back home but for now I was with Helen in a town with awesome stores….that’s a dangerous combination. We shopped for a while and I got the CUTEST pair of sandals and ate some lunch and started our two hour car ride home. I was so happy to be DONE with hospitals and being sick! My body was so worn out I felt like I could sleep for a week straight.

I honestly think that this was a miracle. A miracle of quick healing and a miracle that it wasn’t something extremely serious. I believe that it was the power of all your prayers and kind words that helped. God has his hands on me here and in the work that I am trying to accomplish. I know am not finished with my work yet and God knows I have so much more to do and so many people to help here in Kenya. I believe that he is caring me the entire way. I could not do any of this if it wasn’t for him. Living in Kenya isn’t easy but James 1:12 says “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trials, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the Crown of Life that God has promised to those who love him.” I’m doing this all for Him and these amazing kids! I can’t wait to see all the blessings this summer brings. Keep praying for me as I still have six weeks here and no matter what I am NOT coming home early!

Thanks for your love! xoxoxo

-Kylee Becoming Mighty

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