For Love

            It’s hard to fit this experience into a few paragraph. Believe me, I had 2 pages typed before I was reminded that they wanted it short and sweet!

Mostly what has stayed with me is what I received from these beautiful kids. I know it sounds selfish, but I had all intentions of going into this trip with me being the one who was giving. And I tried my best to do that. But I received my biggest life lessons from these smiling faces!


True unconditional love…

Faith in God or Love is really the only true thing we have…..

And we are all children of God.

Whether you believe in God or not; you can’t help but know it works after being with these kids! They embodied it!

photo 1photo 2-1

So thank you for this experience, I will not soon forget. And I hope to see you all again and be able to give back to you as much as you have given me. My sincerest gratitude and love! – Jess

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