Give Where You Can, When You Can.

Give where you can, when you can. Yep, that’s what my final closing is on my voicemail. That’s my motto. Give where you can. Maybe it’s the person in front of you at the store that has come up short on the correct amount of cash, or the elder woman needing help with her groceries, or maybe it’s the local animal shelter that could use a hand.  Wherever the place may be, give where you can. Also, give when you can. Give a smile, a hug, or love to a person or animal in need. Whatever it is, remember you are doing more than you realize.

When I first implemented Sending Warm Wishes to the Kids in Africa, I didn’t realize how well received the project would be. I mean, I knew my friends would want to do something, but the final results were more than my little heart expected.

making blankets

My thoughtful event on Facebook turned out to be a huge success. My goal was to bring one-hundred fleece tie blankets to the Mighty Acorn orphanage. In the end, we ended up with at least 140 blankets. But I have to tell you, what started as my project turned into OUR project. What started as my journey, turned into OUR journey. Each and every one of you that donated your time and money to this project was carried in my heart. Not only your time and money, but my passion became YOUR passion to make sure we were not only sending blankets, but LOVE. And it showed.

Blankets from all over the United States started showing up at my front door. But these were not just ordinary blankets.  Each one had a story, an experience and a lesson behind it. Children in classrooms were taught to give back and stories were shared about the Mighty Acorn Foundation. Girl Scouts shared an opportunity to make a wonderful gift to children in need while earning a badge. Mothers and daughters bonded and others simply took the time to send me money to make this project a success. And a success it was!

joan receiving her blanketreceiving blanket

When we handed out the blankets to the children, their eyes lit up! They were amazed with the colors and the softness of the material. They were wrapping the blankets around their bodies embracing the moment. The kids were so thankful that WE took the time to make blankets for them. They ran down the halls and into their rooms with excitement. They couldn’t wait to make their beds. Can you imagine, not only do they have a bed to call their own, but a beautiful, soft blanket as well.

receiving blanket toomaking bed

One of my goals was to make blankets with the kids as well, so we gathered the girls into three groups.  Ann, Becky, Denise, and I showed the girls how to make the blankets. DW helped us gather scissors and we started passing them out. Before you knew it, the girls had made 9 blankets within 30 minutes! Yes, they caught on quick and they were very happy to have learned this new skill-set. So not only were lessons learned and stories shared in America, but in Kitale, Kenya as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating your money, time and PASSION. Thank you for believing in the Mighty Acorn kids. Thank you for giving them something special they can call their own. Most of all, THANK YOU for helping me make this project a success.



Krissy, Somehow I missed this project. Don’t know how but if there is another one (maybe to take to the children that were visited at the other orphanage??) please, I do want to know. I would love to have made blankets with the older granddaughters and they would have wanted to do this…….so next time you already have 2 blankets “in the making”.
It makes me smile to see their smiles and I have thanked God so many times for the safe bed that they lay their heads on at night.

Krissy Krolczyk

Will do! Thank you so much.

What a wonderful gift for the girls and what a great heart you have! Loved this story and the images to go along with it. I bet they cherish those blankets for all their days.

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