Where do I start? I want to keep you engaged so I will keep it short. They say in order to find contentment; one must find peace followed by gratitude. But how do we find peace in a chaotic world? Where do we go to enjoy the simple things in life to be content? Well, you really don’t have to go too far if you search within yourself. Your soul can easily be trained to live a content life. Remove all of the chaos and distractions. Then you will realize there are many simple things you can enjoy.

My recent trip to Kitale, Kenya was just that. So many simple things around me that it was just what my soul needed to feel contentment. I was literally at peace. My eyes were glued to the everlasting beauty that Kenya had to offer. I apologized on more than one occasion to the group when we were riding around in Kitale for not engaging in conversations. I didn’t talk a lot in the van; my eyes were glued to the Kenyan lifestyle. I was in awe by their simple way of living, and the majority of the people that live there are content and happy. I mean, barebones living and just plain happy. Happy for what they do have. The KIDS; I have never met so many vibrant, smiling faces in one place. The Mighty Acorn kids are content and happy. They are happy for a safe place to call home, happy to have a warm bed, food, water, and Jesus on their side. Most of all, they are happy to be LOVED.




Not only are they happy, they are content AND they are thankful. Content with the simplest things: bottle caps, suitcases and tires; just to name a few. When you don’t know what you are missing, then are you really missing anything at all? The kids in Kitale are a prime example on how happy and content one can be with the simple things. When you get back to the basics, then you learn more about yourself. More soul searching is done. The Mighty Acorn kids are happy children who represent peace and love. The Mighty Acorn kids are wise beyond their years.They already know what is important in this world. They are extremely thankful for everything they have been blessed with.  They understand gratitude. They give thanks each and every day for what they have!

I have been forever changed because of this trip. This has been a dream of mine for years. I have found peace from this trip. I am learning to be content with my life and I can’t express my gratitude enough to the Mighty Acorn Foundation and Denise for a trip of a lifetime. Thank you, my dear friend. I am forever grateful.


Beautiful words & so true Krissy! I am so glad I got to meet & spend time with you! I have no doubt you will be back in Africa teaching more to the kids.

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