Home with Typhoid

As most of you know, I am now home after contracting Typhoid a few weeks ago.

And for those of you who don’t know the story, I thought I would share the cliff note version with you here.

Several weeks ago, after being in Kitale for a few weeks I started to not quite feeling like myself. It started with nausea that lead to vomiting, headaches, sleepless nights and a handful of other symptoms. For a couple weeks I just thought it was a bug and it would pass and because I am stubborn and didn’t want it to be anything else I refused to get tested for malaria. After waking up one morning with the worst headache of my life and an entire day of nonstop vomiting I decided maybe the test was a good idea. So, the following day I was taken to a clinic in town to get the blood work done. I was tested for malaria, typhoid and brucellosis. I tested positive for both typhoid and brucellosis.

I was told that I not only needed to start taking an antibiotic but I also needed to get a series of injections but the clinic I was at was FAR from clean and I didn’t want to risk the chances of being pricked with a dirty needle. So, after refusing the injections I left with just the antibiotic. I later met a nurse who was able to get me clean needles and the right medications and she agreed to come and give me the injections I needed each day. Well, days of getting the injections and attempting to take the antibiotics I still wasn’t getting better and my symptoms were both getting worse and more symptoms were appearing. I spent days on WebMD trying to figure out what I really had and whether what I was getting was correct. I emailed with friends, nurses and doctors back home and everybody was uncertain about whether it was really typhoid and brucellosis or if it was something else.

A week later, several more hospital visits, new doctors and very little change and I found myself in Eldoret (a larger nearby city) at another hospital getting fluids and medications to help make the journey back home easier. Still testing positive for typhoid and possibly suffering from appendicitis I knew I just wanted and needed to be home. (No, it was never my appendix). I needed American doctors and American medicine. At this point, I had been over medicated and misdiagnosed far too many times for me to still trust what I was being told by the local doctors.

So, 30 hours later and HEAVILY medicated I was finally home and picked up from the Detroit airport where I was immediately driven to a hospital in Fort Wayne and admitted. Days of blood work and tests later and I was officially diagnosed with typhoid. I received treatment while I was admitted along with lots of fluids because I was severely dehydrated AND I was finally introduced to anti-nausea medication. After making enough progress to be released I have been home for almost a week and am still on a couple strong antibiotics. While I still feel exhausted almost all of the time and still get nauseous from time to time I am slowly making my way back to feeling like my normal self. I am now able to keep a majority of foods down and have even been able to enjoy a few cups of coffee! My next couple weeks will still look like lots of rest and taking things slow. I am finally able to leave the house for a couple hours a day but it isn’t long after wandering out that I am ready to crash.


(That mask. I hated having to wear it.)

I have several more appointments and a couple more tests to get done in the following weeks but they are confident I will be back to myself and typhoid free in the coming weeks!

Thanks again, to everyone for your kind words and well wishes!

Your emails, letters, prayers and gifts have meant far more than you know!!


Catherine Bell

So glad to hear you are finally on the mend!!!


You have been in my thoughts and prayers often since I found out about your trip to Africa. I am so sorry that you got sick and your amazing efforts in Kitale were delayed. I pray that the Lord strengthens you in the next few weeks and you are able to return when you are ready. I am sure those precious children are missing you terribly. You will be in my continued prayers.


Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m happy to hear that you are finally on the mend 🙂 Take care!


Kiara, so relieved to hear you have gotten treatment and are turning the corner. You are one amazing woman!


So glad you are improving and so happy you provided an update. I have been thinking and wondering about you.


Kiara, it was good to get this update this morning. Take it a day (or even part of the day) at a time. I am so thankful that God does not share the future with us before we are there. Continuing to pray for your complete healing and return of your strength.

Oh no! So sorry you aren’t well. We will be praying for your recovery!

Linda Gove

Kiara, So glad that you are feeling better 🙂

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