I Love Lucy

This past Sunday we had an unexpected guest stop by the orphanage. She didn’t come with letters, she didn’t come with gifts, but what she did come with was hope and inspiration for every single one of our kids.012 (640x425)

Lucy’s story is one of hardship and struggles but with the determination of overcoming every odd thrown towards her way.   Lucy grew up in the slums of Nairobi she was a determined young girl who wanted to make her world a better place by becoming a nurse and healing those in need. She and her family were not wealthy enough for her to have the books she needed to go to school, but that didn’t stop her. Whenever she had the chance she would ask for used old books from children who were going to school. Whenever they were done with exams she would ask for the study material and their exams to look over. She was one of the top students in her class but when she turned eighteen he mother passed away leaving her with her younger siblings to take care of. Did that stop her? Of course not, Lucy was even more determined to make her dreams come true and to provide for her family.

Lucy made her dreams come true when she had the opportunity to move to America. Now a mother of two it was even more of a struggle for Lucy to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. But she never gave up she went to university achieved her degree and became a nurse! She eventually became a nurse at one of the most prestigious ovarian cancer treatment centers in all of America. Now here is where the story gets interesting…she not only became a successful specialized nurse she later became the very nurse that took care of our very own Denise Demarchis.


(Denise in the hospital in Huston)

While Lucy was speaking I was watching the kids’ reaction to her story, most of them were sitting with their eyes wide open and their mouths dropped. But as I looked closer I saw a few with tears in their eyes and running down their cheeks. When the children heard Lucy’s story their eyes were fixed on to her. I don’t think I have ever witnessed our kids that engaged for that long. Lucy was such an inspiration to our children at Seeds. She was an example that if they work as hard as they can they will make all their dreams come true.  Lucy not only achieved her dreams, she was the one who helped heal someone so near and dear to their hearts. Lucy became like family to them. Lucy was what they were praying for! Lucy was a Kenyan who overcame all odds! Lucy was hope to them!

015 (425x640)

This is Lucy with the four children David and Denise sponsor- Bryan Clinton, David, and Nancy.

Mama Hope

I Love Lucy! It was destined that Denise and Lucy’s lives collide!!!

am inspired by our very own,sister,daughter,mother and a very good friend of our slum dwelles…. I love lucy so inspiring and interesting.

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