Just Call Me Teacher

I had stopped at the Seed’s Academy yesterday morning to say hello but little did I know that I was going to be asked to be a substitute teacher for a lesson!

Many moons ago, childhood Kiara thought she wanted to be a teacher. I even enrolled in my first semester of college with a declared major of elementary education. Through high school I always knew I didn’t actually want to be in the classroom everyday for the rest of my life but by the time decision making came I just threw out the only career path I thought I could gain from attending IPFW. IPFW didn’t offer anything in the fashion/clothing world or the travel to third world countries field..the only things I could see myself actually doing. (After a semester and a half I hated everything about school..and dropped out. But not to worry, if I hadn’t dropped out I wouldn’t be where I am today!)



Showed up at the school this morning and made my way around the school saying my hello’s and sharing hugs. I made it to headmistress’s office when she popped the question. At first I said no. I was afraid she was going to ask me to teach something that I wasn’t going to remember how to do..haha, it was 3rd grade. After being laughed at for my excuse, I said yes.

I was given a workbook with exercises to write on the board and then have volunteers come up and fill in the answers. Sounds easy, right? Well, five minutes in and there was a mob of children surrounding the blackboard all begging to get to go next. Knowing I had to gain control, I shouted for everyone to get back in their seats and only the person I called on could walk up to the board. Everyone was a little shocked (a few kids even laughed) at my shouting but they quickly returned to their seats and then threw their hands in the air for me to call their name.

After the first few exercises the kids seemed to be confused. (Which is funny because every time a new problem was put on the blackboard everyone would raise their hand begging to come up but then they wouldn’t know what to do) I asked if they had already learned what we were doing. After getting no response, I called on someone and asked them if their teacher had taught them how to do these problems yet. They said yes but that they didn’t understand it. So, trying to think like a third grader I starting explaining what we were doing and why. And to my surprise, they actually understood. (Seriously though, I was so proud that what I was saying was actually making sense! Maybe I really could do the teaching thing? Haha, no way. I don’t actually think I have to patience or the drive to return to a classroom everyday)

So, one math lesson later and everyone is now calling me teacher!

I may not be a big fan of nicknames but I think I’ll take ‘Kiki’ back and leave ‘teacher’ to the actual educators.




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