We are two weeks into being back in Kenya…it’s so hard to believe two whole weeks have flown by. It has been two weeks of laughs, feeling at home, feeling a little stressed at everything we need to do, and two weeks of pure thankfulness to be here again. As we walk and talk with the kids and our Kenyan Family it’s so prevalent of how much we truly missed being here and because God is so good, He gave us these six weeks to be where our hearts feel at home.

The biggest reason we feel at home here is of course the kids. Spending everyday with them is such a blessing, and it is also a little crazy. And when we say crazy, we mean these kids are NUTS!!! We have already had a water war at school, been chased around with cow poop and HUGE bugs, had multiple dance parties, been personal jungle gyms, stepped in pee, been there to wipe tears away, and been threated to be thrown into the tilapia pond at the orphanage. To say we have our hands full is an understatement. And completing all the projects we have on our list is going to be quite the task, especially when we have all these crazy amazing kids to work with!

While we are here we always have a ton to accomplish. This trip is no different. We have so many new and exciting projects to work on in these short, six weeks; all of which are our attempts to show you the heart of Kenya and to help you learn more about these amazing kids. We hope to show you everyday life in Kitale in more ways than just pictures on social media. We want to blog more- about several different topics and projects that are happening at Seeds. We want to give you the inside scoop about what is going on with our older kids as they begin transitioning out of the orphanage and into the community as adults. A topic that needs to be addressed and it incredibly important! We want to help you get to know better the amazing people behind the whole thing, Richard and Hellen Makani, and we hope to show you their hearts and the passion they have for bettering the kids’ lives. We also have a super special, top secret project in the works. It’s a project that we both feel with connect you with the kids in a whole new way! By involving you as much as possible, we believe you will come to love Kenya and the extraordinary people here as much as we do.

‘Karibuni’ in swhahili means ‘everyone is welcome.’ We welcome you to have open hearts and share with us in the amazing memories we will make here. We welcome you to grow in your relationship with your sponsored child; to write them letters, send them emails and photos, and let them know you love them. And we welcome you to join with us in the loads of fun we will have while we are here

Thank you so much for letting us be your eyes and ears here in Kitale and we hope you will enjoy everything that will be coming your way in the next couple of weeks!



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