Kenya or Bust

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Being here again is so surreal. I feel like it was just yesterday I was leaving for home after our work trip in November. But I’m forever grateful for The Mighty Acorn Foundation and how they put their trust in me time and time again to travel here and to serve. This time I will be staying here for a month and a half doing what my heart feels at home with. Being with those who are desperate for love and connection to something bigger than themselves. MAF does so many amazing things for these incredibly beautiful children and seeing God’s plan unfold before my eyes always gets the water works flowing. Thankfully however, I’m not experiencing all this and working here on my own!! I would love to introduce you all to Sarah Johnson, my amazing new intern! She has a heart for giving and serving those in need just as I do. I truly believe God guided our steps together so we could tackle this summer together. She and I are truly kindred spirits and I cant wait to see how God uses us this summer and what we accomplish!

Sarah’s About Me

IMG_2471I am so incredibly excited and honored to be interning with MAF this summer and to be spending these next 7 weeks on the ground in Kitale with Kylee. It has been something I have been thinking about and praying about for a while now and I can’t think of a better way for me to begin my summer break. I am from Fort Wayne, IN, I am 19 years old, and I just finished up my sophomore year at Indiana University. I recently switched my major to non-profit management because I can’t deny the fact that God put me here on this earth to serve others. It is something I have always felt called to do and it is something that I am extremely passionate about. I can’t wait for this next month and a half to unfold and I would greatly appreciate if you kept Kylee and I, along with all of the little Mighty Acorn kids, in your prayers!

 (If you want to know more about me and why I joined MAF I wrote a blog back in June of 2014 that is titled ‘Hello from Kitale” that you can read! But also if you want to know more feel free to email both Sarah and I and we will answer anything you like!)

Sarah and I will be continuing the work I started the last three months I spent here. Connecting your kids to you and you to them! That means your mail boxes will be getting letters, blogs will be written, Instagram and Facebook will be going crazy, and any and all questions you throw at us will be answered as soon as possible! But that isn’t all! Sarah and I have a few really exiting new surprises for you that we are working on with the kids! So keep up to date on all of the pages and we will try not to disappoint!


Settling in….

We arrived in Kitale yesterday and it already has been a flood of emotions. Scott and Wendy (Sarah’s parents) are helping us move into our room. They have been such a great help, I really don’t know what we would do without them. They just so happen to sponsor two amazing kids at the children’s home (Beryl, and Collins), which they haven’t seen in a year, so when we arrived at the school so many hugs and tears and giggles happened. It was such a cool thing to see! So grateful for amazing sponsors that partner along side MAF to really change these children’s lives! I never get tired of seeing these heart connections unfold before my eyes. It truly is the real representation on earth of how God loves us! Pure, selfless, unconditional, giving LOVE! Such an amazing feeling to be a part of!

As we continue this week with Scott and Wendy by our sides, we will be just getting our room turned into our home for the next seven weeks and getting our routine established as much as we can! Sarah and I have a LONG list of things to accomplish while we are here but I know that between the two of us and God guiding our steps there will be so much more done then we could have imagined! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support while we are here. We couldn’t do it without your encouraging words and love that you all constantly give us!

Love you all!! Wish us luck! And keep us in your prayers!

-Kylee and Sarah

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