Kickin’ it in Kitale yet again!

So….traveling across the world without “adult supervision” is actually really easy. Well maybe not really easy, but we managed to accomplish it without any hiccups- despite our parents and DW being VERY concerned. But let’s be honest, it was probably all of their extra worried prayers that got us here on time and with all of our luggage.

We arrived in Kitale town on Saturday evening, and let us tell you… we were exhausted. And I think we’re just now STARTING to be not exhausted. Jet lag hit us hard this time around. On top of that, we’re not staying in our beloved Acacia 4 at the Karibuni this year; we’re staying at a local missionaries house while they’re visiting their home in Canada. It’s been awesome, but it’s been a lot of adjusting for us.

We are starting to get back in our groove though, and we are loving this summer already! It’s SO great to be back with the kids and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that this week is half term, so all of the boarding school students are home. We don’t usually get to spend a lot of time with them while we’re here because their schools are pretty far away. Last summer we drove about 4 hours to go visit a few of them, so you can imagine our joy when we found out we wouldn’t have to do that again- they were here waiting to greet us with all of the rest of the children!

In addition to all of the catching up, laughing, and playing we’ve been doing this week, we also took time to sit down and plan out our goals for this summer. We’ve got some pretty awesome things planned, in our opinions. We are really putting an emphasis on connection- we want you to feel like you’re apart of the kids’ daily lives here in Kitale and we want them to get to know and love their sponsor families even more than they already do. We hope that you all will join in our fun through live videos on our social medias, Skype sessions with your child(ren), and letters and daily posts of course!

We want to be facilitators for your relationships, so please use us while we’re here! We’ll be checking the mailbox often and our emails are always open if you want to send any greetings or have any questions. We’re here for whatever you need!

We look forward to hearing from you all and so do your kids! In case you need it, our emails and the address to send letters/packages (less than 10 lbs) to are as follows:


The Mighty Acorn Foundation

P.O. Box 3211

Kitale, Kenya

Attn: Name of your child.


We are ready for this awesome summer and we are back and feeling better than ever!


Love always,




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