Mighty Acorn Online Auction

Hey you guys! It’s not often we post, but when we do…You know it’s going to be about something really, really great. Yep, this post is no exception. We are preparing for our next big ol’ online auction! And this time, we’re getting by with a little help from our friends…


David, DW, and myself have teamed up with some of gals from all over the U.S. to make this auction bigger and better than ever. For the past week and a half we have been emailing vendors left and right for donations, creating banners to show what a worthy cause this event will be, and just high-fiving the heck out of each other each time we get a confirmed donor! We already have over 100! That means over a 100 donations ranging from photography to clothes to jewelry just in time for your holiday shopping needs.

items for auction

The online auction will begin October 21, on Count your Buttons day! Be prepared to to see lots of cute crafty items made from, you guessed it, buttons. And lots and lots more. And what’s better than buttons? The fact that the proceeds of the auction will go to finishing the kitchen, dining, laundry facility for the kids of Seeds Academy in Kitale, Kenya. You know these children are so close to our heart, can you imagine them eating their Christmas meal from a dining hall for the first time in their lives? We can. And we need your help!

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I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from us a bit more so stay tuned.



PS. Are you wanting to donate to the MA auction? Email me at Samm@mightyacorn.org for details! Thank you!!!

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