My Heart is at home in Kenya…

AnnaMikieWe asked one of our youngest travelers on our last trip to Kenya to share a little of her experience. It was so amazing to watch Anna, she was truly in her element as she interacted with the children of Kitale.

Anna, age 16, shared this with us:

Going into the August Kenya trip, I was very optimistic. I knew that this trip would change my life, and honestly I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted that to happen, but God knew His plans were bigger than mine. That being said, there was not a single moment in Kenya that didn’t completely change my world. There was one experience that made me realize that my heart was at home in Kenya.

On Tuesday of our trip, we had plans to go visit Mt. Elgon but it didn’t work out. Instead, we went to the Precious Kids Center, a place where they provide support to help children with disabilities. Some of the kids at the orphanage were selected to go with us and first went to shop for some supplies that we would take with us. When we got there and walked through the gates, there were kids everywhere, and just like the kids at Seeds, they were so joyful. I immediately fell in love.

AnnaMosesOne little guy in particular, Moses, came up to me and stayed in my arms from that moment on. Even if he wanted someone else hold him, he always came right back. We had a connection. While at the store, our children had brought snacks to share with these children. While my mom and I were feeding Moses, he was struggling to eat the crackers, but the mango juice was a HUGE hit. Even if there was nothing left in the cup, he held it all the way upside down over his mouth to get every last drop. He was sitting in my lap, drooling all over me, but I didn’t mind a bit. After finishing off the mango juice to the point where we thought he was going to get sick, there was a box next to us that they were using for trash. To make it more interesting, my mom and I showed him how to throw the trash into the box and cheered when he did it. We would say “throw it Moses!” he would throw it and we would say “Yay! Good job!” and he would smile from ear to ear, a smile that is very rare. That smile made my heart melt.

DSC_4831 2rThat day, Moses showed me that no matter what, you can find joy in the little things and to be thankful for what I have. My heart has always been for children with disabilities and being able to love on and serve them in the place where I left my heart was a huge blessing. The Precious Kids Center was truly eye-opening and heart-breaking. Every day I wake up thinking about Moses and the impact he left on my heart. I am so grateful that I was able to go on this trip with the Mighty Acorn Foundation because it changed my life. It gave me a reason to be more thankful and appreciative for what I have here in the United States. God truly did have plans much greater than mine for our trip.

Anna Freeman

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