Nights Like Last


It is nights like last night that make me feel so incredibly  lucky to have girls like I do.

Watching Kayla and her glory was pretty amazing. And I don’t mean glory as in the star of the show. I mean glory in the way when you are the epitome of yourself. I mean glory in the way that is authentic. I mean glory when  you feel comfortable in your skin. Glory when  you or at one of your happiest moments.

I’m certain Kayla didn’t even realize the beauty she portrayed last night.

I’m certain she was stressed. Stressed as in she had huge expectations and maybe some of them were not meant. Not stressed as in she had a hundred million things to do ( I mean she had a hundred million things to do too). But because she wants every little detail to be perfect.  That kinda stress. I can ramble forever!!

She did not realize the magnificent she radiated that night

It is amazing to think just two short years ago, Kayla and I were at the event with Chelsa.  We looked at each other and said “I think we could have an event a little bit better than this.” Okay,  but we really said was “let’s have an event that will rock this place. Let’s have an event that’s comfortable warm and just people being people.”

And that is what we did. We had our second Annual Warm and Cozy Event to benefit the Sexual Assault Center.

And with that said, stay tuned for an introduction to myself. I am realizing many of you are clueless who I am. What I have to do with Mighty Acorns and how my story aligns. It is pretty simple, I firmly believe we should help where we can, when we can. And one day Charlotte emailed me asking about an orphange….. and the story will start there.

-Denise D


It is WONDERFUL hearing from you again.

Mama Hope

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It’s not the destination … It’s the journey.
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