No Excuses


I’m not quite sure how the saying goes…Something like “I’m 20 days late and 100 bucks short” or something like that. Or maybe nothing like that at all.

Whatever it is excuse my absence. I’ve got no great reasons. Just the simple, “I’m exhausted all the time”. Then I put the kids to bed, do my work and I’m way ready to hit the bed.

So ya, that is my lame lack of excuse for not finishing the 12 days of Christmas.  I’m so hanging my head between my knees of embarrassment.

Anywho…I’m back. Still tired but things are looking up.  Kids are back in school. The new puppy is sweet as cane be. Franklin actually likes him. Things are steadily rolling at Mighty Acorns. We keep talking about opening a little shop on the site, cute findings we see in Africa, so I really wanna work on that. We’ve got a meeting with Katie from Change the Face of Beauty next week. Can’t wait for that. This summer’s tour is gonna be AMAZING. I’ve been helping a little behind the scenes with The Good Ones, it’s been quite fun. New and fresh. Matilda Jane’s Spring release is about to launch. I’m a tad emotional over it. It was my last Collection with Sam. I never got to see it to the finishing point but one thing I know, the fabrics are beyond SPECTACULAR. All I can think is… bring out those Livie & Luca Petal shoes  or Mary Jane’s cuz it is oh, so lovely. Just a really sweet and delicate collection. The floral prints and the trims. My golly..the trims….THIS COLLECTION SO NEEDS THE SWEETIE HEARTS IN YELLOW. ( I so need a girl..and no I am NOT having a baby.)

Okay, I’m starting to miss a few things so let me share who I really miss….my Grandpa. Oh, that man. Be still my heart. Anytime I reflect on who I am and who I want to become more of I see him grinning down at me and saying “Nece, you are one of the good ones.” Ha, it was one of the last things he said to me. And the moment he said it I knew what he meant. The next day he took all his might and gave me a hig, patted my back and loved me like none other. Oh, that man. Oh, how my heart aches for him daily.

Well, thanks for being patient with me and my blogging. I’ve got a wonderful friend coming to share some beautiful stories to stay tuned a little longer as we set out to conquer the face of beauty one city at a time, put smiles on our kiddos faces in Kitale, figure out how to decorate a trailer (this should be fun) and certainly lots of puppy pics!

Lisa F.

I just wanted to give my condolences for the loss of your Grandpa. Read your post about him a bit back, and it was very touching. My wish for you is that you have many, many moments to smile each day so you can always be surrounded by, and reminded of, the love you had for each other.


I loved the Mighty Acorn tees, if you sold them here I would buy some. Get some rest!

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