On Mission…

Have you ever felt like you’ve been handed this specific assignment, a mission even, and you know it’s going to be a journey but you’re not exactly sure where it’s going to lead?  You know you’ve been called to step out into something you’re not quite sure you’re qualified for but there’s this urge, nudge to go after it.


Well that’s where I find myself today as I sit in the living area of the Karen Blixen Cottages in Nairobi, Kenya. There’s a fire in the fireplace and it’s raining outside – it’s been raining all night. — Man it’s beautiful here.

I’ve been pondering the next several days – what will they hold – by the end of my stay will I have gotten any closer the answers, solutions we’re seeking? Gosh I hope so… but I truly don’t know.

What has compelled us to send DW to Kitale right now… why is she there solo? Believe me if feels a little weird not having 15 to 20 others to be concerned about – I’ll let you know by week’s end how I did with that J

So here’s why – over the last two years you all have helped us rescue, restore and support over 200 children from the Kipsongo Slum. These children are amazing, resilient and despite all the hardships, filled with joy and laughter. We’ve all fallen in love with them and those that care for them every day. Many of you have taken the journey to Seed’s Children’s Home with us and experienced the impact we’re all having in this place… it’s a life changing experience… and it’s good – really good. But for several months a few of us that work closely with the day to day of MAF have been sensing this nagging tug at our hearts… it feels like there is still more… Part of our mission statement is igniting dreams – and with that comes the question “Once ignited, how do they reach them?” Are we really helping to empower them to be all they can be? What happens after they reach 18 and have to leave the Children’s Home? That’s THE question! What happens after the daily care has ended – are they ready to move into society, into community successfully? Our friends the Makani’s are doing great work helping the children be ready but is there a role for the Mighty Acorn Foundation to play in this part of their story?


These are the questions that have brought me here this time.

What can you do? Personally, I would love your prayers, for wisdom and great connections, for reasonable pathways to open up for our older kids, pathways into advanced schooling, mentorships, apprenticeship, other forms of job training and housing solutions. We serve a big God and He will show the way forward.

The circle needs to be complete, rescue, restore, ignite and empower – we need to help do all parts well.

Thank you for joining in this journey with us and specifically thanks for your thoughts and prayers this week.


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