Say Hello to Brian


Determined, Resilient, with a Heart of gold

 Brian’s giving heart constantly pours out to others, He has faith that can move mountains and a will to achieve his dreams that will take him to the stars. Nothing has ever stopped him and nothing ever will. He encourages those around him to never give up, always dream, and to work their hardest. He is truly an inspiration and a world changer.Bryan

Brian moved into the orphanage in 2011 when he was 12. Before that, he lived in the Kipsongo slum with his father, mother, and his four younger sisters. His parents did their best to provide for the family and mother had a job selling alcohol, but she was forced to leave because his father did not approve of her job and would not allow her to live in the house. Brian’s father had a job selling furniture, but  on his own it was not enough to provide meals for the five children, so Brian would skip school to get meals for him and his sisters. His father wanted better opportunities for him, so he encouraged Brian to talk to Pastor Richard to see if it would be possible to stay in the orphanage and go to school. Brian was doing poorly at the school he was at and new being in the orphanage granted him the opportunity to attend seeds, where he new he could be a better student and have a better life. Brian has now been in the orphanage for five years, and he is thriving. He smiles all the time, is incredibly smart, and is confident in his ability to achieve his goals in the future.


What do you like most about being in the orphanage?

The people I live with are good; when they wake up in the morning they worship and when they go to sleep they worship and they’ve inspired me to follow that. I also see the characteristic of people studying and being in the orphanage has helped me to follow that. 

Do you miss anything about your life before?

Being with my sisters.

Do you feel different now that you are living at the orphanage?

Before, I didn’t have any dreams, but now because I have been learning and I have been learning my soul and growing my faith, I want to be an engineer.

If you could say anything to your sponsor what would you say?

They have changed my life. I really appreciate the things they have done for my life and I pray that God may enable them and that God may give them life and protect them every day.

What is your favorite thing to do?

My first favorite is soccer. Then volleyball. Then dancing.

What grade are you in?

8th grade. Mathematics is my favorite.

What do you want to be when you get older?

An automotive engineer. I want to make cars.

Favorite color?

Sky blue.

Favorite food?

Chicken & chips (French fries).

Who is your best friend?

David Ewoi, Collins, Victor and his brother Moses.

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