Say Hello to Cynthia


 She walks with pride and wisdom, she laughs without care, and loves deeply towards everyone she knows, and she lives with the faith that with God anything is possible.

Cynthia is an amazing and special girl. She, like a lot of the kids in our orphanage, had to grow up way too quickly. When she was only ten years old, her father was tragically murdered in the lawless slum of Kipsongo. Along with her older brother, Cynthia was forced into the role of caretaker for her baby brother, her mother, and the household. Her mother was sick with HIV and was very weak, so within two years of her father’s death, they were forced to move into her aunt’s house for extra support. As the years passed, her mother became very unwell and started showing signs of organ failure. Cynthia’s aunt became the main care taker of her and her siblings and she became extremely abusive – beating the children for getting their clothes dirty and requiring them to work and neglect their studies. She forced Cynthia and her siblings to be laborers and earn money for the family. As a result, Cynthia was doing very poorly in school. She worried constantly about her mother and was doing all she could to help her and her siblings. Cynthia prayed her and her siblings would be rescued from their situation, and God answered. He gave all three of them a way out through sponsorship and they moved into the orphanage. Since coming to the children’s home, Cynthia has become her happy, bright self again. She is working so hard in school and has huge dreams of being a doctor so she can help people like her parents. She wants to be a world changer and be the hands and feet of Jesus. She is clothed in dignity and laughs without fear of the future because she knows God is on her side.

Do you miss anything from your life before moving into the orphanage?

I don’t miss anything, I am grateful to God for where I am now.

Do you feel different now that you are living at the orphanage?

I feel happy because I get to learn and my grades are improving. I want to be able to go to university one day.

If you could say anything to your sponsor what would you say?

Thank you because she has shown me kindness and love by saving my life from Kipsongo.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to dance it makes me happy.

What grade are you in?

Standard 8 and I am 14 years old.

What do you want to be when you get older?

I want to be a heart surgeon on children so I can help save their lives.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Ugali and chicken

Who is your best friend?

Naomi Wamalwa, we like to read story books and study together.

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