Say Hello to Dominic


 Quick to hear but slow to answer. Intelligent. Faithful.

His determination for his education shines through his choice of words. He is respected and looked up to by his peers. His dreams are big but his faith is even bigger.

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Before Dominic was blessed with a sponsor he led a very hard life in the slum. His mother was raped and became pregnant with Dominic and always resented him. When he was no older than seven, he and his siblings were abandoned by his mom and their elderly grandmother was given the care for all the children. Dominic’s grandmother was too week to care for him and his siblings so he was forced to fend for himself and his siblings. Once his siblings were sponsored Dominic moved in with an uncle with a hateful aunt still being forced to provide the means for his own survival. He was given an opportunity to attend the Seed’s Academy and to be fed twice a day. He loved school but still had to suffer in the slums of Kipsongo at night. He eventually started collecting and selling firewood after school to provide some income for some extra necessities. However, that’s when his grades started to slip. Sense coming to the orphanage he has been able to focus on his school and not on his survival and he has been given a chance to flourish! He has huge dreams but with the blessing of a sponsor he now has every opportunity needed to achieve whatever his heart desires!

What do you like most about being in the orphanage?

I have my best friends with me and we help each other with our homework

Do you miss anything about your life before?

I miss nothing; I’m happy to have a nice home.

Do you feel different now that you are living at the orphanage?

In my home in the slums I felt lonely and now I feel nice and safe.

Name some things specifically you like about living in the orphanage.

I like playing football with all of my friends (soccer for Americans), having people to encourage me, and having my friends to help do my homework.

If you could say anything to you sponsor what would you say?

Thank you for sponsoring me and taking me to the orphanage. Thank you for the letter you wrote me and for encouraging me to stay in the orphanage.

photo 1 (13)What is your favorite thing to do?

Playing Football

What grade are you in?

Standard 6

What do you want to be when you get older?

I want to be a football player for the Arsenals from England

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Chapatti and Chicken

Who is your Best friend?

Dickens he makes me laugh

Dominic your story is one that breaks my heart but your faith and determination is so beautiful it see. One day you will achieve all of your dreams. Seeing your bright smile everyday makes my heart so full. Thank you to his sponsor for giving this special young man a chance to grow!


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