Say Hello To Dorcus


A young woman truly clothed in strength and dignity. Dorcus is filled with wisdom and faith. She is confident God will take her far in life and the glisten in her eyes when she talks about her dreams shows the hope she has for her future. The sound of her laughter is sweet and her smile is radiant. Dorcus is a light to everyone she encounters.

Dorcus came to the orphanage in 2013. Before that, she was living with her mother and three sisters in a small, one room, mud hut in the Kipsongo slum. Her father died when she was young and her mother struggled to provide for Dorcus and her sisters. Her aunt and uncle tried to help support them as much as they could but they had a family of their own to take care of. When her uncle was able to spare some money for Dorcus, her mother, and her sisters, Dorcus was the one who had to go to the market to buy the food. She feared that someone would try to steal it from her and kill her. She feared for her and her family’s safety at night in the slum. Without a man living in the house, they were incredibly vulnerable. Her only relief came on the days she was able to go to school. Dorcus loved going to school, not only because she loved learning but because the meals she received at the school’s feeding center were oftentimes the only meals she’d receive all week. It was at school that Dorcus was taught that if a person has faith and trusts in God, He will provide for them. She prayed daily for the safety of her and her family. She prayed she would get an opportunity to leave the slum and to better her life. She prayed for a sense of hope. Her prayers were answered in 2013 when she was told she had gotten a sponsor and that she would be moving into the children’s home. Since that day, Dorcus no longer fears for her life. She knows she is safe, she knows she has a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat every single day. And because of that, she is able cast her worries aside and be a young girl. She is able to laugh, sing and dance. She smiles constantly. She works so hard in school to be one of the top kids in her class. She wants to get into a good high school and eventually a good university. Dorcus hopes to become a primary school teacher so that she can have a positive influence in the lives of young students. Little does she know, she already is a positive influence in the lives of everyone around her. Dorcus is a beautiful young woman inside and out.

Do you miss anything about your life before?

I miss my parents and my sisters.

Do you feel different now that you are living at the orphanage?

I feel good being in the orphanage. When I was at home, my parents didn’t have any money for school fees. I only went to school about 3 days a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Because I am able to go to school every day, my grades have improved.

If you could say anything to your sponsor what would you say?

Thank you for sponsoring me and I hope one day you will come to Kenya. I love you so much. May God bless the work of your hands.

What is your favorite thing to do?

I like to learn about God; my favorite bible verse is Matthew 19:26.

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”

What grade are you in?

I am in standard 6 and I am 13 years old.

What do you want to be when you get older?

I want to be a grade 5 teacher.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Chicken, chips and soda

Who is your best friend?

Naomi Wamalwa, we like to dance together


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