Say Hello to Grace

Grace Lavenda.

   Caring. Compassionate. Kind.

 Like most children that grew up in the slums of Kipsongo Grace had to grow up faster than a normal twelve year old. Her story created a fire in her to love and care for those around her. She has dreams that will impact Kenya and change the lives of those around her. She has a heart of gold that will take her farther than her imagination. This girl is one of a kind.

DSC_3853Grace grew up in the slums of Kipsongo with her mother and four siblings. Their house was a very small one room house where Grace slept in a chair. Her father (who was a drunk and abusive to her mother) was killed by robbers attacking his car when he was on a journey to Lodwa. Leaving her mother to take care of all the children when Grace was four years old. Her mother did the best she could to provide for the family by selling  vegetables in a small shack, which helped them have meals from time to time, but they would often go hungry. Grace’s mother could not afford school fees so she only went to school about 3 days a week where she would get most of her food from. Grace has been in the orphanage for 3 years now and is thriving! She is doing so well in school and is so happy she gets to go everyday with all her friends from the children’s home. Her favorite subject is science and math and she has big dreams for her future and now that she is going to school she can achieve anything her heart wishes.


Do you miss anything about your life before?

I miss being with my brothers and sisters

Do you feel different now that you are living at the orphanage?

I can go to school now and that makes me happy. I am loved by many friends who make me laugh.

 If you could say anything to your sponsor what would you say?

One day I pray that you will come to Kenya to visit me. 

What is your favorite thing to do?

I love to dance at church and I love to sing.

What grade are you in?

Standard 6 age 12

What do you want to be when you get older?

I want to be a nurse for little kids when they are sick.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Chips and Chicken

Who is your best friend?

Mary we like to act in dramas together.


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