Say Hello to Selvine


Tender hearted. Sensitive. Quiet.

Radiates with not only love and beauty but with hope.

A hope for a better future.

A hope that things will change.

A hope for opportunity.


Before Selvine moved into the orphanage she was living with her mother in Kipsongo. Kipsongo being one of the worst slums in Kenya and full of poverty, injustice and corruption.


After asking her what has changed in her life since moving to the orphanage she said “a lot.” She has starting going to school again, life has gotten easier, she worries less. She has felt real love for the first time. Feels safes and secure for the first time. Has a real bed and a bed of her own for the first time.

She tells me how she has never experience the feeling of love from a stranger until now. A stranger? “My sponsor.”

 With tears in her eyes she tells me, “If I could say anything to my sponsor I would first say thank you for this opportunity. I would say I love you. I would also tell her about my prayer. I pray that my siblings would come and stay at the orphanage with me. I really miss my sister.”


Sundays are her favorite. Sunday is church. Sunday is movie night. Sunday is a whole day to spend playing hide and seek with her best friends Emily and Maxmilla.

Favorite movie? Anything Disney.

Favorite color? Red.

Favorite food? Chapati.

Favorite game? Hide and seek.

Grade? Standard 3.

Favorite subject? Swahili.

Oh sweet Selvine, I can’t wait to see where you go!

Sarah Blevins

Thank you for posting this! Honestly, God couldn’t have sent it at a better time. Last night after a Parenting class at Church we were challenged to identify who we are and want to be as a family. We mentioned briefly that we wanted to give back and teach the kids to think globally. Then this post this morning gave us the best opportunity to talk with the kids more about Selvine and why we sponsor her and get more intentional in this Sponsorship in order to really make a difference. Tell her we said I and are sending her some mail this week!


Oh my word, please keep these coming. You just made my day…quite possibly my week. xo


What a darling beginning to a story of lovely lives.

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