So Sick of Hospitals

So I thought I was all done traveling to see doctors to figure out was exactly was wrong with me but that wasn’t exactly the case…. This past Saturday I woke up in the morning with a huge bruise on my arm where they drew blood… I thought it was really strange because I hadn’t had my blood drawn in 5 days and my arm was fine prior to that day. As time passes I noticed what looked like three scratch marks coming from the vein…I didn’t recall getting scratched so I texted my aunt a photo and called Melody….

They both seemed very concerned so I rushed to Melody’s house to figure out a plan to see if I needed more medical treatment (I was hoping the answer was no).  But that wasn’t the case… after calling a few of our medical friends we figured out that my vein was infected. I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant but it didn’t sound very good to me…

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We called Richard and Helen and said we needed to go to Eldoret AGAIN!! And now if possible, at this point my arm was starting to have a dull throbbing pain to it. It was shooting all the way from my shoulder on down. And the lines and the bruise became much worse! I was starting to get very concerned that it would progress into a blood infection if it wasn’t taken care of soon. Helen showed up an hour later ready to go with Richard. I hopped in the car and bunkered down for another to hour car ride…oh joy! Thankfully Richard wanted to go to Eldoret just as much as I did and was driving like a CRAZY KENYAN! We were off roading to get around trucks, passing people with the other lane of traffic almost hitting us, honking like crazy, and traveling at 100 KPM which is about 62 MPH, which in Kenya is super fast (people normally travel around 37 MPH here). I was holding on for dear life while trying not to worry about how bad my arm hurt.

We finally got to Eldoret in record time, and hour and ten minutes to be exact! And went to see the doctor. It was after hours so we had to see the general clinic doctor on duty. Funny thing about Kenya…they use Kings English here so some of the words are a little different that they use in America… one of them being Casualty for the clinic….I found this extremely amusing because many of you know that casualty means victim  or fatality.

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I told Mama Helen the definition in America and she found it extremely funny! I joked with her that we should go to a different doctor where I won’t die by walking into a room! They really need to change that don’t you think?

We finally got into the “death count” room and got to see the doctor. She examined my arm and was very concerned, she asked me a ton of questions, as in; how was I feeling, did I have a fever, did I feel dizzy, on a scale of one to ten how bad was the pain, when did it start, what were the exact times I got my blood drawn, and were all the needles sterile.  I proceeded to answer all her questions and she looked over my arm with a fine toothed comb. She gave me the good news I wanted to hear that it wasn’t a blood infection ( praise The Lord), and if it was I wouldn’t be walking by now because of how much time had passed sense getting my blood drawn. She said it was merely an infected vain most likely caused by irritation of being pricked three times in a row in the same arm. She gave me a prescription for a very expensive antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory that I had to take for ten days straight! I seriously hate taking medicine.

We were on our way home finally! I was praying for that to be my last doctor’s visit. Being sick in a third world country is the worst! I’m just so thankful it wasn’t something more serious. God has me under His wing, protecting me and guiding me on this journey. I am so grateful for all He is doing in my life! I keep telling people this but I seriously am NEVER COMING HOME. I am trying to figure out a way that I HAVE to stay….maybe losing my passport will service…or maybe something more drastic like marring a Kenyan…HAHA THAT would be a hilarious phone call to my mom;) Keep me in your prayers! Sending you all so much love! Thank you for all your encouragement and support!




Holly V

So glad you are ok! No one wants to go to the “casualty” room…haha!

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