Sometimes There Are No Words…

Today I had one of the hardest things happen to me… I was sitting in the library at school getting some interview blogs ready to post. When all of a sudden a sweet little girl came in to the library to get a new exercise book for her math class. She asked me my name and I told her, and I asked for hers. This sweet little girl, Stacy, then said if I would be her sponsor. My heart was broken. What do I tell this little one? No? How do I break her heart like she did mine by asking a simple question? All I could do was smile and try not to cry. I just gave her a hug and said “Stacy one day you will have a sponsor who loves you with their whole heart. You just have to be patient and keep praying to God”. She nodded, smiled, and ran off with her new exercise book. My heart breaks for her because I am unsure if she will have a sponsor anytime soon. There are so many children that are in need and Stacy is one of those children. Knowing that I cannot be her sponsor because of my financial state of being a broke college art student and knowing she has to return to the slums every night, instead of some place safe and warm like the orphanage. This job is such a blessing, but it is also sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do. For now I just have to pray for that sweet little one and hope that her sponsor comes soon. To all of you that do sponsor one of the two hundred plus kids at Seeds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sacrificing all you do to help these beautiful children.afterlight (2)

This is sweet Stacy… one day I hope her sponsor comes along. I don’t know her story, I don’t know what her life is like in the slums, all I know is that she wants a sponsor and I cannot be that for her. Oh how I wish I could but I just cant. Please pray for this sweet little one. I know I will be.


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