That Girl.

Have you ever been that girl?

You know, the girl that everyone knows, the girl that just mysteriously fits in, the girl who seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know her, that girl that is always just there doing her own thing?

 If you’re anything like me, you’ve never been that girl.

 And I haven’t, until now.

My Girl

(This photo is totally unrelated, but I love it & this girl so I thought I’d share it anyways)

It was after the rest of the MA team had left. I was left alone in Kitale and was still staying at the Karibuni Lodge. After dinner one night (which I had eaten alone..for the first time), I was sitting on the porch working on my computer minding my own business when the thought first hit me. On the porch I was joined by several other people, a team that had just arrived in Kitale who I didn’t know but who were also staying at the Buni. As I was sitting and minding my own business Teresa had come out to serve the other team when she turned to me and introduced me to the group, “…and this is Kiara, who lives here in Kitale and works at a children’s home nearby..I’m sure you’ll see more of here during your stay..” And just like that it sealed the deal, I was that girl.

And the best part? I liked it.

I liked being that girl that just belonged there. The one that lived there. I was a girl worth mentioning. A face they would see more of and had a purpose in Kitale.

I like being that girl, silly as it is.

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