The Dynamic Duo is Back!!

When we think about returning to Kitale town in a couple days, we are overcome with emotions. Like completely overcome. Going back to Africa has so many feelings attached to it, feelings of love, hope, faith, peace, and home.

These next 6 weeks are going to be great. When were discussing what we want this summer to look like, (in addition to working on a few projects we are SO excited about) we both agreed this summer should be joyful. There has been a lot of sorrow in the last couple of summers for everyone associated with MAF, but there has also been a lot of joy and prayers answered. So this summer, we are choosing to focus on the joy. We’re praying and hoping that this summer can just be happy; that things go well while we’re over there, with as little hiccups as possible while in a third world country. Traveling to Kenya takes a lot of preparation; mentally, physically, and spiritually and as we have been preparing to go to Kenya, God has placed Isaiah 6:8 on our hearts. We feel God has chosen us to love on the people there and pour out all that we are to them. When we see the joy on the children there and as we get to love on them every day, that’s where we see Jesus. He was a man that wandered into places where there were sick, unloved, hungry, and unwanted people and he showed them that they were more precious than any gold or silver. That to his eyes and God’s eyes, they mattered and were worthy of love, care, and compassion. When we go to Kenya, we get a little glimpse of how God sees us; to the world, the widow on the street or the orphan asking for food means so little, but to us they are like family. We care so deeply about the people of Kenya, and it gives us such a sense of purpose to be with them.

 Showing the people of Kitale love and being able to pour into them for the next six weeks is a prayer answered. We know God goes before us and he has our path laid out for us. All there is left for us to do is say is “here I am God, send me,” and to have the faith to step out of the boat and let God direct our steps. The next six weeks will be full of joy and love. God has a bigger plan for our time there then we know. But isn’t that the whole point of faith, to believe that there will be good coming out of the unknown?

We are so excited, to say the least. WE LEAVE TOMORROW. How did that get here so fast? Over the past few days we have been going through cycles of emotions: “I just want to be there already and hug on everyone!,” “I have so much to do before I leave and I just don’t have enough time.,” and “AHHHHHHHH!’ We not really too sure about the last part, but it’s in there. Like we said, ALL OF THE FEELS.

With all of these ‘feels’, we are so READY!!!!  Every time we’re in Kenya we leave a piece of our hearts there. So much of us is in that stubborn red dirt that refuses to come out of any clothing, in those breath-taking sunsets over the fields peeking through the acacia trees, and in those beautiful little brown smiling faces that have so much hope and aspiration and strength in their eyes. But to be honest, Kitale has left itself in us.

We are so grateful to be going back to the place our hearts feel so at home. We are so ready to share our journey with all of you and we are beyond excited to see how God uses us. And most of all, we are overjoyed at the thought of spending time with all 237 amazing children. So, here we go! Get ready, get set, the dynamic duo is back and as ready as ever!!! It’s going to be an amazing journey!

Much love,

S + K


Lois Leeds

I know the 2 of you are going to do great things this summer in Kitale. We are all so proud of you and so happy to know you will be there on the ground for the Mighty Acorn Foundation. Safe travels love you both and can’t wait to read your blogs over the ext few weeks.

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