The People That Make Everything Possible

It truly takes a village to take care of over 230 children. The staff at the orphanage, primary school, and high school work tirelessly to take care of, educate, nurture, and love on our kids. They’ll be the first to tell you there is never a dull moment when caring for with so many children, but every moment is well worth the work it takes. We wanted to take this opportunity to show you all of the amazing people that impact your child’s everyday life, because they deserve a huge round of applause and a major shout out!

Front row, left to right: Agnes Sarah Sisakwa (girls 15-18),Phanice Mukhando (cook), Martha Mbonge (boys 3-8), Pamela Odinga (girls 13-15), Josephine Masitsa (boys 3-8)

Back row, left to right: David Kipsarem (carpenter), Evans Shishievo (boys 9-11), Kevin Akula (farm and dairy maintenance), Anthony Ambuloli (head cook), Ivan Etued (green house maintenance), Michael Shikanga (social worker, boys 12-18), Isaac Etian’ga (green house maintenance), Vivian Chepotip (social worker, and staff coordinator), Loice Ng’elechei (social worker, general house mom), Noel Khayele (girls 3-8), Martha Zakaria (house mom for girls ages 7-9)

Not pictured: Peris Mulongo (house mom), Judith Salome (social worker), Charles Joab Orute (security), Anaccet Emukule (security), Benard Wekesa (security), Phillip Tuwet (farm maintenance), Denis Kirwa (farm maintenance), Rita Mwaniga (nurse for school and children’s home), A. Songa (cattle and dairy)

The staff at the children’s home consists of house parents (to the kids they are called “Aunties” and “Uncles”), ground keepers, cooks, security guards, social workers and an amazing nurse. Together they run a tight ship. The kids stay on a strict schedule; waking up at 4am, breakfast, on the bus for school by 5am, home from school between 4 and 5pm, then devotions, dinner, washing dishes, homework time, small group devotions, and bedtime at 10pm sharp. On the weekends there are loads of chores the kids are put in charge of, as well as having scheduled study and discussion times. But not to worry, there is plenty of time for playing and relaxing sprinkled in between. As you can imagine, it takes a village to keep the kids on this schedule. That’s where the staff at the orphanage fits in. In addition to that, the staff at the children’s home serves as the kids’ support system. They often act as mother and father to these kids, lending them a warm hug, an ear to listen to, a friend to play with, and a shoulder to cry on. They care deeply for all these children and want nothing but the best for every single one of them. We love and appreciate the staff at the orphanage so much for all that they do for our kids.

Front row, left to right: Caren Awour (grade 2), Mildred Simiyu (gr. 2), Lucy Wanja (gr. 1), Sara Sawanga (gr. 1), Steve Ouma (gr. 7), Abram Wambia (gr. 6), Collins Owour (gr. 5), Nehemiah Ijakaa (gr. 5), Selyne Amatonyo (gr. 5), Fredrick Aurba (gr. 8)

Second row, left to right: Lona Ekai (Tailor), Linet Oloo (Secretary), Mary Muyonga (gr. 4), Aggrey Ingutia (gr. 8 and Vice Principal), Mike Saisi (Bus Driver), Pauline Ekai (food prep), Jessica Auma (food prep), Mercyline Suzan (librarian), Dominic Aurba (cook), Praise Obote (cook), Petronilla Atamba (cook), Kennedy Wafula (gate guard), Nashon Wechuli (store keeper)

Not Pictured: Madam Beatrice (pre-k and kindergarden), Madam Esther (principle)

Our primary school staff is out of this world! The staff consists of teachers, administration, food prep-ers & cooks, a gate guard, and our bus driver. All of our kids are so smart, and the people in this picture are the ones to thank for that. Under their leadership, the school was rated 2nd in Trans-Nzoia County! There are currently 412 students that attend Seeds Primary School. There are 12 teachers that work tirelessly with the kids all day long on new lessons, test preparations, studying, and revising. Their ability to manage their classrooms, relate to the children, and teach in a way that ALL of the kids understand is a testament to how awesome they truly are. The administration does a fantastic job at making sure everything runs smoothly and the kids are behaving well, while all of the kitchen staff keeps the students very well fed. It takes a lot of hard work to run a school of 412 children and this 25 persons staff makes it look easy!

Left to right: Patrick (cook), Queen Makokha (chemistry and physics), Namanda Gershon (biology and agriculture), Daniel Kalakate (Principal. history, christian education, and business), Lindar Lumbugu (Secretary. composition), Lucy Luhanya (english and literature), Lionel Asena (swahili and history), Brian Libwege (math and geography), Kevin and Bob (ground keepers)

Seeds High School is only two years old and is pioneering the future education for a lot of our kids. What started as a simple sketch on paper, and big dreams from Mama Hellen and Pastor Richard, it is now a two story building with a brand-new kitchen, dinning hall, and a girls dormitory in the works. The high school was an answer to prayers, as there are so many kids in the orphanage that are getting to boarding school age and tuition for all of them is extremely expensive. The school allows so many of our kids and other kids in the community to receive an affordable and incredible education. Much like the high school students, the teachers are also pioneering their way to many successful years of graduating classes at Seeds. We are so thankful for their willing hearts to jump into a new adventure. They are learning the ropes of how to create the best high school Kitale has ever had and doing a mighty good job at it. They work extremely hard to give the students a thorough education that will carry them onto all their future endeavors. Recently they just added a computer class to their curriculum and are about to receive enough computers for almost the entire class to have one to work on. Much like the primary school they also have administration, ground keepers, and cooks that all pull together and do their part to make sure all the students have everything they need. Seeds has truly been blessed with incredible adults that pour into the lives of all our children and we are so grateful for them.

And of course none of this would even be possible without this amazing power couple! Hellen and Richard Makani’s dream of helping those in need and being the hands and feet of Jesus has exploded ten fold. What started as a few street children begging for food from Hellen has now turned into a feeding center for over 500 children, a primary school for 412 students, a high school for 40 students (so far), an orphanage of over 230 kids, and so many other projects all over the region. Their giving hearts continue to take on more projects and grow what they already have established. They are truly two of the most inspirational people we know. We are so grateful for them and are so incredibly luck to be able to work along side them and all their dreams.


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