This One Goes out to the Kids

It’s kind of crazy the things that trigger crazy memories. I was just going through the McDonald drive thru and it quickly tiggered the memory of picking up knot dresses from Chaings long before anyone knew what a Knot dress was.  Probably about  10 years ago. I used to be so busy, so crazy busy, that the moment I would pick up the dresses I would have them in front seat and  on my lap to tie knots on them as I drove. The drive thru reminds me the most of that because it was then I got in trouble. I was holding up the line behind me because I was too busy to  realize it was my time to move forward. I can laugh now but at that moment I wanted to hide my head between my knees.
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There are days that I miss that passion. That passion that drives you to work until your bones are raw. But today the passion is there. I’m on my way to design some of the most fabulous pieces I have made in a long time. I’ve been collecting fabric since last summer just for this.Just for the Mighty Acorn Auction.

I’m so excited for the Mighty Acorn Auction for many reasons. One, because every knows my passion to work. Two, because we are raising money for  Gigi’s Playhouse so they can continue to welcome and open their doors to the sweet faces of the children. And three, soem of the funds raised go toward a dining hall for my children in Kitale. Currently they are eatting on a floor or the dirt ground.

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There are so many great causes for all of us to be passionate about. Yesterday, I met with two pretty amazing women who wanted to help and feel the love. I loved watching their eyes light up and ask how they could help.  It reminded me a long time ago when I would shy away from giving.  Shy away from helping/giving because I felt like  what I could give would not make an impact. Now that we have foundation, now that I’m a little bit older, I realize it takes so little each of us to change lives of so many.

Gosh, I’m trying so hard to stay focused and write this blog but all I can do is think about my grandpa. It’s all I can do. There’s never had a stronger love, respect, and just plain ‘ole pals. I love that man. I’ve loved him my entire life.

Back to the auction. Once you see the photos and the catalog with all these amazingly beautiful children  from the Changing the Face of Beauty Campaign, I think you will see the reason we do what we do. I’ve spent probably about 10 hours working on this catalog. It’s not 10 hours of pure work. It’s 2 hours of work and the other 8t looking into these little girls eyes and falling in love. I hope this becomes success and I hope this summer we get to travel to a few cities and spoil all these kids like crazy.

Sorry for the crazy rambling. My mind is everywhere tonite. Don’t forget the auction is November 4. Watch the blog and Facebook for updates.


Love this Denise! It comes from the heart, and that is what means the most! I can’t wait for Nov 4

Carrie Gugger

Looking forward to the catalog, auction and seeing your inspired pieces for inspiring places.


It was a magical day! Ellie still talks about her friend Franny and when is she coming over for a sleepover…

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