True Beauty

A landscape riddled with trash. A smoking dump site in the distance. Yet there is still so much beauty this place. And not just in the beautiful flowers, trees, and mountains. The true beauty of Kitale was most apparent in the hearts of the children.

From the moment we arrived at the Seeds Children’s Home, we were greeted with smiling faces too numerous to count. There was hardly a moment when I had a free hand– whether they would be playing with my watch, pressing my skin to watch it turn white and flush back to pink, or just walking hand in hand. Their love for us was so great, that it was impossible not to immediately feel the same.


Even with tattered clothes, broken sandals, or no shoes at all, their spirits were still so bright. Whenever we had the opportunity, we would give our sack lunches to the kids alongside the road. At first, some would give a puzzled look. Then realizing the gift in front of them, their eyes would light up and a smile would flash across their face.


I went to Africa thinking it would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. But I have returned with the intention of every-chance-I-get-I’m-going-back! There is no denying that hardship exists all over the world, even here in the States. But now I have seen first-hand just how much hardship they endure. Yet no matter how bad they have it, their outlook on life is so full of hope, and there is so much beauty in their smiles and in their hearts. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to impact these children’s lives, and so thankful for the Mighty Acorn Foundation and their mission!

– Josh

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