IMG_3390All the crazy, fun, and interesting things that happened to us during our seven weeks. So, we had our fair share of excitement while we were in Kitale. Everything from marriage proposals to “hospital” visits. We figured we should let you catch a glimpse into the behind the scene stories and adventures of our life it Kitale Town.

One day we REALLY needed a car wash. Going to a Kenyan car wash as two little white girls for 2 hours probably wasn’t the best idea…the car washes are all done by hand (inside and out) so to pass the time we decided to get out of the car and play cards. All of a sudden, while we were minding our own business, the mechanics showed up…and it all went down hill from there. They asked up to teach them how to play a card game and this one man, Jeffry who was old enough to be our father, was extremely friendly to us. After playing go fish for a while he started to ask us some very funny questions, like if we were single, he asked us about our husbands after we told him we were both married (fake wedding rings, we are not really married) how old we were, what he has to do to get an American wife, and If we would marry him in addition to having American husbands. After some very firm but polite denials he started to ask us if we were Christians and if God were to send us to preach The Gospel, what would we say? He had a very skewed view on what The Gospel was about and just kept repeating “honor your father and mother”, It literally made no sense. After that conversation he picked right back up to the proposals. We were playing with our wedding rings the entire time but he didn’t catch the hint. The entire situation was extremely uncomfortable and we were trapped there because our car wasn’t finished being washed. Needless to say, we never went back to that car wash again. That guy was a little loose in the head

Mama Hellen taught us how to make delicious chapati on one of our days off! We are planning on having a chapati party here in the states and using our new chapati pan we bought in Kenya!

IMG_0978Almost got killed by a bulldozer! KIDDING! But really there was four different construction and demolition vehicles  in front of the post office one day and a ton of people screaming and hollering about politics. We were very confused and kind of scared.

IMG_4029WE MET THE FREAKING POPE! He was so nice and smiled the entire time — he didn’t say much though. What a great guy!

IMG_4098Our daily office giggles with our pal Mikey! He always came to see us and we gave him Fruit Snacks or as he calls them Fruit Snicks.

DSC_0817Fruit Snicks for EVERYONE!!!! Just call Sarah the candy queen.

DSC_0756Weekly Saturday dance parties. Cha Cha slide anyone??? The kids loved this. We have so many great videos and pictures. These Kenyans have MOVES!

DSC_0594We literally turn into giant kids when we are around 220 of them! Jump rope is exhausting though!


Sarah is always being goofy but when she has her weird moments of seriousness she picked up a brush and cleaned shoes with the kiddos.

DSC_0193The kids loved playing with our hair….one day they took it to a whole new level though. Pollen for dayz!

Slap bets and head stands, what could go wrong?!? UMMMMM……



Kylee had a little army that tackled anyone at her command…Sarah wasn’t so lucky one day….but the kids love her anyway and snuggled up next to her to hear bible stories,
so precious.

IMG_4160We HATED Sunday night because that meant Sarah had to refill her pill box, which also meant we had one less week in Kitale. It was very depressing.

IMG_4182We became monkeys in Kitale. Why not right?

Attachment-1-1It all started with a little friendly competition. Some of the boys, specifically Amos and Alfred, kept coming up to us and pushing in the back of our knees so that we would buckle over. So of course we began doing the same to them. We all (jokingly) threatened each other that we would put the other “on the ground!!!!” That turned into all of us picking one another up and tackling them to the ground and chanting “ON THE GROUND! ON THE GROUND!” Well… one of the times Amos and Alfred put Sarah on the ground, things didn’t go so well. Her pants ripped right down the back, revealing a liiiiitle too much, in front of about 50 of the kids. Whoops. Thank goodness Brian Wachilonga was standing by with a spare pair of sweat pants.

We had to plan our revenge.

Sooo, we came up with a plan to dump buckets of water on Amos and Alfred one day after devotions. We stood on the bus and gathered a group of the boys below us and dumped full gallon buckets of water on top of their heads. Amos later wrote us a letter saying that he knew it was all in good fun, but that God would get revenge on us for him later. They should have known not to mess with girls who grew up with only brothers.

DSC_0054We made 312 cupcakes to celebrate Jimmy and Melody’s birthday, made from scratch and with lots of love!!


We had an entire day of fun and games! Red rover and Duck, Duck, Goose where a huge hit!

IMG_4252The day we were leaving Kitale, Sarah got a stomach bug and spent the entire morning throwing up. She managed to keep her stomach inside of her the rest of the day while traveling to Nairobi. When we got to Nairobi and sat down for dinner at our hotel, Sarah ate some fruit. She got hot, though and felt like she was going to throw up, so she stood up to walk outside; bad idea. She stood up, passed out, and then proceeded to vomit in the middle of the restaurant. I think she ruined some people’s appetites. We returned to our room and had a doctor come see her. He prescribed her five different medications and gave us to go-ahead to continue our Safari into the Mara. So into the Mara we went. She was fine for a day, and then all of the medications the doctor prescribed her in addition to the medications she was taking before caused her body to freak out and go into a state of shock. Her tongue swelled, making it difficult for her to breathe and her legs were spasming out of control — She looked like thumper. So we had to travel at 11pm across the Mara to get to a shack that they called a clinic. The doctor said that she was just having an anxiety attack, we didn’t quite believe him, but he gave her some medicine that helped to calm her and her symptoms. We promise there was no Ebola, we just though the sign was funny. All in all, a very interesting experience.

DSC_0658These past seven weeks in Kenya have given us the most unforgettable memories and experiences. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with all of the children and love on them the best we could. We miss being in Kenya already, but we know it will only be a matter of time until we are back laughing and playing with them. We had many ups and downs throughout the trip, but we wouldn’t have changed anything for the world. We are glad we were there to comfort and love on the kids through such a hard time losing Melody. God has gifted us with the ability to love others, and we are thankful that we were able to use this gift for His Kingdom in Kitale. Thank you to all sponsors and friends of the Mighty Acorn Foundation for trusting us to love on the kids on your behalf and for following along with our journey.

-Kylee and Sarah

Lois Leeds


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