Where is Home?

Have you ever been between jobs or between homes or about to start a new chapter in life? Have you had that feeling that you just didn’t quite belong where you were but you knew as soon as you started that new job or got to that new chapter you would finally be where you were meant to be? Where you were created to be. Where you had dreamed of being for what felt like all of your life?

That’s exactly where I am.

I know where I am supposed to be.

I know what I am meant to be doing.

MA Girls

After finally making that journey to Kitale, Kenya just a couple weeks ago, I thought I had finally made it home. To the home that I had visited so many times now but was finally going to call home sweet home. We had gotten off on a rough start with trouble with luggage, then a delay in Amsterdam and then a lost piece of luggage that was essential for DW and Jenni‘s trip but after almost FIVE days of travel were finally to our favorite little town, Kitale.

The day before we left for Kenya, we had seen on the news that there was a hostage situation taking place in Nairobi. We had thought things would resolve before we would arrive. We were wrong, and that’s why we made our little pitstop in Amsterdam. We took those extras days to really evaluate the situation and make sure things were safe enough for us to travel through Nairobi. When things started winding down we all agreed to push on. We spent a little less than 24 hours in Nairobi before taking our final flight into Eldoret. We all knew that once we had made our way to Kitale we would be safe and had little to worry about.

We spent just a couple days in Kitale before deciding that I would be coming home with the other ladies. After chatting with the US Sate Department and family back home, we all decided it would be best to bring me home and make sure things would continue to cool down. I’ve been home for just a couple weeks and I am already wishing I was back in Kitale. Wishing I was hanging out with your girls and BOYS! Wishing I was spending my days at the academy and my nights playing beside the girls.

Since being home, random people have asked me where home is..you know, those random people in line at Target or stranger that thinks it’s ok to come over and chat with you while you’re reading at Starbucks..anyways, it always takes me a second to respond. So much of me wants to be able to say Kenya is home. And it is, but for now I am still living in Indiana. (Kind of, if you can count living off of just the two suitcases I return with actually living in Indiana) And so, I have to tell them Indiana is home. Indiana has been home for the past 22 years but  soon it won’t be. And nothing could make me happier than finally being in Kitale..for good.




I’ve heard it said that home is where you heart is..and my heart was introduced to Kenya just a year ago and it left a piece of it there and has lost more and more pieces of it with every trip. While my body may be in Indiana my heart still lays in Kenya.



Although I only met you briefly at art fair on the 2nd round. I am so glad I got to hug your neck. Thank you for sharing your stories and being a window into a world I’ve only heard about. I feel so fortunate to be a part if the mighty acorn foundation and I look forward to watch the impact you have on those kids grow daily. I can’t wait to see the plans God has for you and our little Agnes. I have her picture up in my daughter Savannah’s room and we pray for her every night. Stay safe Kiara.


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