Who Wants to Go to Kitale

nateOur Second Annual Sponsorship Trip

On Thursday, April 16th, we will be taking our second sponsor trip to the Mighty Acorn Children’s Home
and The Seed’s Home & Academy.
We would love for you to join us. This is a very special journey and will
focus on allowing you time to build relationship with your sponsored child or children.
At our core we believe relationships matter and are a very powerful part of ones life.

The Mighty Acorn Foundations is fighting to restore hearts, ignite dreams
and empower the futures of children across the world. You are part of that mission.

We are offering you the opportunity to go to Africa and connect with your extended family .
You’ll experience life at the “Big House” (Mighty Acorn Home),
be given the hand-held grand tour, spend some time at the school and feeding center,
as well as the option to tour part of the slum that most of the children have been rescued from.
We will go shopping in town and have dinner out, special things that many of the children have
never experienced… riding the new escalator in town was a huge highlight last August

We will leave the United States, Thursday, April 16th, arriving in Kitale the evening of Saturday, April 18th.
Our return journey starts on Thursday, April 23rd arriving in the US on Friday, April 24th.
Our days will be spent in Kitale offering as much time with the children as possible.
The cost for the trip will be $2,950.00 – this will cover all your transportation, lodging and food.
This is going to be a very special trip for those who choose to make it –
but it is not without it’s difficulties and inconveniences.

The trip over is long; there are 2 – 8 hour flights, an overnight at a nice hotel in Nairobi,
and then another hour flight and a 3-hour drive to get to Kitale.
We will do our best to allow you time to rest but you will be tired when we arrive.
Our accommodations in Kitale are rather rustic,
you’ve probably read about the little critters in the showers and the power and Internet outages.
There are shots to get for international travel and malaria medication to take.
BUT – even with all that craziness – it will be a journey that you will not regret taking…

No one that has ever gone as wished they hadn’t.If you are interested in going please send an email to: denisew@mightyacorn.org
We are limiting the trip to 16 people in order to be able to do all we want to do while in country.
The first 16 people that make a commitment to go with a $500 deposit paid will be assured a spot on this trip. We need to hear from you by January 23rd.

We have raised the hopes of the all the Mighty Acorns we serve; they all want to to meet their sponsor.
It will be a huge treat for your child to meet and spend a few special days together with you.
It will surely change your relationship, drawing you closer to them… they’ll no longer be just a face in a picture or a few words on the page of a cherished letter…
they’ll be real, their hugs will live in your memory for a long time.
Come with us…

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